Services description

  • 01.
    Design project

    WHAT TO START WITH? It is very simple. Contact us by calling (096) 750-30-01. To see a designer, you can either come to our office or invite one to your site to receive preliminary consultation on the design and recommendations on re-planning, discuss any style-related issues, etc. The purpose of this meeting is to get acquainted with the designer and discuss your expectations of the future interior.

    To get the design project going, you need to conclude an agreement with us and make a 50% prepayment. The rest of the amount is paid after the work on the design project has been completed and the parties have signed a work completion certificate.

    The process of working on a design project consists of the following stages:

    Facility analysis. Taking measurements and preparing the terms of reference.
    Planning. Preparing premise planning/re-planning schemes.
    Drawings. Determining the style and color palette, drawing interior design concepts.
    Selection of materials, furniture, plumbing fixtures, light fittings and décor. At this stage, you can receive discounts from our partners at Kyiv's best repair and interior design stores.

    Working drawings:
     • Premise re-planning scheme.
     • Furniture arrangement plan.
     • Dismantling plan.
     • Scheme of walls and partitions to be erected.
     • Plumbing layout plans.
     • Flooring plan.
     • Ceiling plans.
     • Cross sectional views of complex elements on a ceiling.
     • Lighting equipment plans.
     • Wiring plans.
     • Detailed drawing of particular elements of interior finishing.
     • Design of exclusive elements of décor, accessories and furniture.
     • Additional plans and elevation drawings.

    Project Structure
    3D Visualization
    3D Visualization
    3D Visualization
    3D Visualization
    3D Visualization
    3D Visualization
    3D Visualization
    Measurements. I floor
    Measurements. II floor
    Layout. I floor
    Layout. II floor
    Dismantling. I floor
    Dismantling. II floor
    Walling. I floor
    Walling. II floor
    Plumbing plan. I floor
    Plumbing plan. II floor
    Electricity. I floor
    Electricity. II floor
    Lighting. I floor
    Lighting. II floor
    Construction plan. I floor
    Construction plan. II floor
    Wall Sweeps
    Ceiling plan. I floor
    Ceiling plan. II floor
    Floor plan. I floor
    Floor plan. II floor
    Wall Sweeps. Bathroom
    Wall Sweeps. Bathroom
    Warm floor. I floor
    Warm floor. II floor
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  • 02.
    Designer supervision over repairs

    Designer supervision is not mandatory but advisable to ensure proper implementation of a design project. The frequency of the designer’s visits to the site is determined by the customer, and the relevant payments are made for each visit.


    In the course of the repair, the author of the project will pay regular visits to the site, give advice to the foreman, and monitor the quality of materials procured and the project implementation process. If necessary, the designer will make adjustments in the project documents and adapt the repairs in accordance with the changing parameters.


    Close cooperation between the designer and the repair team will guarantee:
    • High quality and timely implementation of the project.
    • Compliance of the foreman and workers with the project discipline.
    • Prevention of repeat repairs and flaws.


    We recommend mandatory visits of the designer to the site before the following operations:
    • Dismantling.
    • Erection of walls and partitions.
    • Plumbing works.
    • Arrangement of plumbing fixtures and equipment.
    • Wiring.
    • Installation of gypsum plasterboard constructions.
    • Laying tiles.
    • Putting up wall paper.


    The designer may visit the site upon completion of the aforementioned work, should the customer so wish. On average, the author’s supervision may include 8-10 visits to the site.

    Consultations for the foreman
    Visits to the site
    Control over the color palette
    Accurate implementation of the project
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  • 03.
    Artistic painting

    Artistic interior painting has at all times been a sign of good taste and high status of its owner. Even the most splendid and sophisticated wallpaper cannot compare with the brilliance and grandeur of painting, let alone the impression this pictorial work of art will make on your guests. The popularity of decorative interior painting is growing from year to year. The happy owners of new apartments and houses invite artists more and more often, so they leave their inspirational creations on the walls and ceiling.


    If you want to have an exclusive and lavish interior design and bring your delicate imagination or bold ideas to life, our artists will help you make your dreams come true! We offer you artistic painting services of any level of complexity: from children’s pictures to watercolor landscapes.


    The price will depend on the complexity of an image.

    Artistic painting - Price:
    87 $/m2
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