Stained Glass

Artistic stained glass is a wonderful décor to create exquisite and ingenious interior design. Elegant ornamental designs in colored glass can turn an ordinary apartment into luxurious lodging. There is no better way to add unique charm to the interior, effectively decorate a door or inter-room partitions, ceiling, windows or just a lampshade.

Experts of ARTlike design studio will offer you services in creating exclusive stained glass pieces using the Tiffany technology. This technique is one of the most popular today; it offers the possibility of creating patterns of virtually any level of complexity and ensures high degree of detail.

Decorative painting

Artistic interior painting has at all times been a sign of good taste and high status of its owner. Even the most splendid and sophisticated wallpaper cannot compare with the brilliance and grandeur of painting, let alone the impression this pictorial work of art will make on your guests. The popularity of decorative interior painting is growing from year to year. The happy owners of new apartments and houses invite artists more and more often, so they leave their inspirational creations on the walls and ceiling.


Our artists will offer you their decorative painting services of any level of complexity: from children’s pictures to watercolor landscapes.

Artistic forging

Forged products are highly reliable and durable, and incredibly stylish and beautiful at the same time. A combination of elegance and practicability, forging will always be in fashion. Forged furniture, grates, staircase railings, balconies and terraces can be seen more and more often in the interiors and exteriors of apartments and cottages.

We will be pleased to produce for you artistic forged products of any level of complexity. Our forged products are hand made in the best traditions of local craftsmanship using cutting edge technologies and trends.

Relief compositions

There are huge possibilities for using gypsum plaster: this is an irreplaceable tool for implementing a designer's creative thought. A good craftsman can transform this plastic material into most sophisticated and exquisite shapes. Stucco molding is a good and relatively inexpensive way to decorate an interior and make it more solemn and unique.
Columns, cornices, moldings, rosettes, pilasters, various bas-reliefs, gypsum sculptures and decorative panels, fireplaces, niches, arches – the possibilities of stucco molding are endless.

Gypsum pieces will fit in with baroque and classical elements, modern and fusion style. Modeled décor in the interior will highlight your aesthetic taste and artistic culture, and help express your aspiration for harmony and beauty.


What is needed to create a truly aristocratic interior? It is marble, of course! Connoisseurs of luxury and chic have always recognized the advantages of marble products, which are irreplaceable elements of a rich and royal interior. This noble material is widely used in interior design to produce counter tops and bar counters, floors and bathrooms, staircases, window sills, fireplaces and columns.

Not only do marble elements in the design of an apartment or cottage highlight the high status of their owner but they primarily serve as a wonderful material for creative activity and allow designers to implement their most creative solutions. Marble products will last generations and please not only you but your children and grandchildren as well.